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Well hey my fellow newgrounders, i just purchased the new ADOBE CS5 and it's installing as we speak so now hopefully i can put some of my on paper ideas into a clip that i will let all of you guys see. Ya know that picture of that guy named Esk in my uploaded pictures? well he's one of the main characters in my new story called LOST SPIRITS. Its going to blow a load!!!!? Anyway It feels good to be back, and i feel great! So please and thanks all you guys!

Okay so me and my friend are working on this thing Called : Lost Spirits. and ill be posting some of our artwork on here later tonight so f you want to know it's a simple sorta story but if you want to know more about it ill send me a message or something like that. Umm It's set in the same relem of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy so it's pretty cool. Ummm Sadly i dont have any pics yet but i hope you like what we put up :D

Well i havent really been on in awhile so im here to update you on a few things that are new in my life. Ok one I have this awesome girlfriend named Sarah. Two im in the process of writing the screenplay for a movie. Three I missed doing audio recordings on NewGrounds so im planning on doing some more with some other voices like Shaggy, Snake, Geiko Gekko, and possibly some others. Some suggestions would be great on new voices i could try so please feel free to comment and give some input as to voices you would like me to try and immitate. :D thats all for now, Hope you have a great ThanksGiving!

Hey guys who look at my page :D

hey newgrounds people, how are you? i really hope you enjoyed your christmas vacation, well some of you at least. anyway i have an important Q. IS ANYONE LIKE ABOUT TO CRAP THEIR FANBOY PANTS WHEN KZ2 IS RELEASED? CUZ I AM! ^^

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Well i hope every one had a good holiday i know i did but now i have to crack down on studying for finals when i get back which sucks the BIG ONE. but oh well. Today i decided to play my guitar and i recorded some of it. now i know im not an expert but i dont suck.... that bad anyway i hope you enjoy it^^. Later much

ive been busy.

2008-08-22 18:16:42 by BUCKCHERRYEXPERIMENT

=^^= I made a MGS4 rant so check it out.


2008-06-11 22:51:44 by BUCKCHERRYEXPERIMENT

ok chrom is going to be put on a delay cause im still having issues with myself in that i have a mental block, so ill get the next audio thing up asap...


2008-06-01 17:18:38 by BUCKCHERRYEXPERIMENT

i haven't started on the animation process but i will get to it in a few months so ill keep you posted, im still working on some of the story points so there will be a new message from the main character shortly... so you should go check it out
^^ thanks everyone for being patient


2008-04-29 23:29:09 by BUCKCHERRYEXPERIMENT

Ok i wrote a song for my former girlfriend and i decided to post it and i have no music to go along with it but i think it sounds better without any background noise. The person i wrote it for is very important to me and she still holds a very big place in my heart. so check it out and thanks...


2008-04-27 16:36:54 by BUCKCHERRYEXPERIMENT

~Pronounced Chrome~