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Entry #19

Well it's been awhile... hasn't it?

2010-05-16 00:01:21 by BUCKCHERRYEXPERIMENT

Well hey my fellow newgrounders, i just purchased the new ADOBE CS5 and it's installing as we speak so now hopefully i can put some of my on paper ideas into a clip that i will let all of you guys see. Ya know that picture of that guy named Esk in my uploaded pictures? well he's one of the main characters in my new story called LOST SPIRITS. Its going to blow a load!!!!? Anyway It feels good to be back, and i feel great! So please and thanks all you guys!


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2010-11-06 14:14:29

lol good post but you gotta check out this site that gives you FREE Xbox Live and PSN points before Microsoft or Sony shut it down! its called and ive been using it for awhile its great, especially with Black Ops on the way :P